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Albino - Book by Ana Palacios Visual Journalist


Albino is a photo journalism project which uses art and cooperation to raise awareness of the dire situation of albinos in Tanzania.

The prologue to the book is by Isabel Muñoz and it has been signed by important figures from the healthcare and cooperation world such as Pedro Jaén, President of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, José Luis de la Serna, Deputy Director of El Mundo (2000-2015), José María Márquez, Director of the NGO África Directo and Mafalda Soto, sponsor of the Kilisun project.

The exhibition, which is travelling around different art centres in Spain, is curated by contemporary art manager Alicia Ventura.

The albino book and exhibition are sponsored by the Diputación Provincial de Huesca, Huesca City Council and Telefónica.

«Ana Palacios has managed to turn pain into joy and dignity. Her pictures are full of hope and poetry».
Isabel Muñoz – Photographer


25 € (VAT included)**


Hard cover
Bilingual edition English / Spanish
31 x 28.2 cm
108 pages
Publisher Tenov
ISBN: 978-84-944234-1-3

**Ana Palacios has donated all royalties from sales to NGO Africa Directo for the development of the Kilisun project.