35 hours

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35 hours" reveals the time that separates Ukraine from Spain by bus.

In March 2021, a group of Spanish volunteers prepared in a record time an humanitarian corridor of eleven expeditions to Ukraine to bring people seeking for asylum in Spain.

Ten buses and three charter flights, brought 550 people from Ukraine, almost all women and minors, seriously injured soldiers, oncologic patients... who are fleeing the war to take refuge in Spain. Also 75 ambulances were driven from Spain to Ukraine.

A long journey inside a cubicle with Ukrainian strangers, pets, and foreigners. 35 hours of uncertainty, full of desperation and pain for leaving their families behind, exhaustion, bewilderment ... but also full of relief for feeling safe, welcomed by the affection of dozens of volunteers who As of September 2022, five million people decided to make the difficult decision to leave their country, Ukraine, because of the Russian invasion.

* The project is supported by the NGOs Voluntariado Caixabank Association, Fundació Santa Clara and Sr Lucía Caram, and Mensajeros de la Paz Association along with Father Angel.

35 hours

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