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The Skin of Africa

€400.00 EUR

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Before giving you details regarding prices and sizes…I want to express a heartfelt “thank you” for considering the purchase of one of my pictures. This gesture allows me to keep working on exposing and creating sensitivity towards vulnerable communities around the world.

Available sizes:

  • 110x160 cm – 3.000 €
  • 80X120 cm - 2.000 €
  • 60x90 cm - not available
  • 40x60 cm - 800 €
  • 30x45 cm - 400 €

*Copies sized 110x160 cm are a limited series of 7 copies. 

*Copies sized 80x120 cm are a limited series of 10 copies. 

*Copies sized smaller than 80x120 cm are numbered copies (20 copies). 

Printed on  paper Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Smooth Photo Rag, 308 gr.

“Certificate of authenticity” signed by the author included.

VAT is included on price.

Other sizes available upon request to

Delivery: Copies will be sent upon paypal payment. Delivered without frame. 15 days delivery time.

All pictures in this website are on sale.
Please feel free to ask for details:

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